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Google updating the Home Max to reduce line-in latency


The Google Home Max is a big and pricey smart speaker that brings higher-end audio to your living room. It’s like a regular Google Home but with higher-end internals and something called Smart Sound which tunes the output based on the room size using its built-in mics.

The device has had one issue since launch though, and it’s line-in latency. You could see a delay of up to 550 milliseconds, or over half a second, between the source signal and audio output.

Google says that it will be updating the Home Max by the end of the month to fix this. Latency will be down to 39 milliseconds, which is low enough that people won’t notice even if using the device as a sound bar.

While the speaker isn’t meant for video consumption, we’re still glad to see Google fixing issues that wouldn’t impact most users. Let us know if you’ve been affected by this issue in the comments!

Source: The Next Web

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