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Google working with chip manufacturers to optimize new versions of Android for Project Treble


Project Treble is a great Google system that allows for faster Android updates by compartmentalizing software. Rather than having to adapt Android to every single device and its hardware, Android updates can be released independently of hardware drivers. Not only does this allow for quicker updates, it also allows for much easier porting of custom ROMs to devices with manufacturer skins.

Google and Qualcomm expanded on how they are making Project Treble work. The Board Support Package is the software package that allows Android to run on that specific device, and Google has partnered with Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Samsung to co-develop these BSPs so they’re ready for new versions of Android early.

Qualcomm expands on this, claiming that this new system is supported by the Snapdragon 845, 660, and 636. This will allow devices with those processors to get updates like Android P up to 12 weeks earlier.

The recent developer preview of Android P launched on 11 different devices, including third-party devices. This is a first for Android developer previews and it’s very much due to Project Treble.¬†We can’t wait to see Android updates launch even faster for our favorite Android phones!

Source: Android Developers Blog, Qualcomm

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