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HTC unveils its first blockchain-powered smartphone, the Exodus


HTC is jumping on the cryptocurrency and blockchain bandwagons, going full-tilt with a smartphone that’s powered by the blockchain.

The HTC Exodus is a brand new blockchain-powered smartphone with Android. The handset is designed for a cryptocurrency future, built with a secure hardware enclave and a universal wallet. That wallet will support decentralized apps and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Dfinity, Ethereum, and many others. Even more partnerships are expected to be announced at a later date.

Phil Chen, who previously led the HTC Vive program, is now the “Decentralized Chief Officer” and in charge of the Exodus teams. Chen envisions a future where the Exodus supports “the entire blockchain ecosystem”, and HTC wants to create a native blockchain network, with Exodus devices working as nodes that serve as cryptocurrency trading points for users.

At this point, HTC is keeping the majority of the details about the Exodus secret for now. But it is rumored that HTC may allow cryptocurrency to serve as a payment option for the upcoming smartphone. No word on how much it might cost, though, or a specific launch date.

So, what do you think of the Exodus?

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Source: HTC Exodus

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