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Hulu improves app with portrait player and more


Hulu is improving its mobile app to celebrate the start of summer. First up on the agenda is Live TV, which is receiving its own primary spot that will bring users back to live playback on the most recently watched channel. A live TV guide will allow users to see what’s currently on and what will be on in the next 24 hours. A portrait player will also be added, allowing users to continue watching while browsing the TV guide. When watching on-demand content, Hulu will display recommendations when the portrait player is in use. Hulu-Portrait-Player

Hulu is also enhancing scrubbing by adding frame-by-frame previews, allowing users to easily find their favorite moments in a show. Hulu is improving recommendations by adding the ability to stop suggesting a recommendation and removing a show from watch history so that future recommendations won’t be influenced by that show. To cap it all off, the Chromecast experience is being improved via the portrait player. Users can now control Chromecast playback while browsing channels with the portrait player.

Hulu’s new mobile features will be rolling out next week for Android and iOS users. What do you think of these improvements?

Source: Hulu

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