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Instagram introduces the ability to mute posts in your feed


For a while there it may have felt like Instagram’s feed of content was a little like the Wild West, with the content on display decided upon by an algorithm. But now it looks like Instagram wants to try and get things a bit more under control, and with each user having more control over what they see in their feed.

Announced on Tuesday, Instagram is unveiling the ability to mute content from accounts that you follow. That basically means you can keep following those accounts, but if you aren’t particularly fond of what they are posting at any point, you don’t have to see it.

Even if you mute an account, you can still see the content on their profile page if you want, and if you happen to get tagged in a post or comment on that muted profile, you’ll still get notified. What’s more, the accounts you mute won’t know you’ve muted them. And when you’re ready to unmute them, you can do that, too, and their content will show back up in your feed.

If you want to mute an account, just tap on the “…” on the top right of the post. You can choose several options: Mute Posts, Mute Story, or Mute Story and Posts. To mute the latter option, you’ll need to select a story or choose the “…” icon on a profile proper.

Instagram says the new mute feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks. What do you think of the new addition?

Source: Instagram

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