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JBL Link Bar is a soundbar with Android TV built-in


For some, having a variety of different devices that do similar things might be frustrating. One way to get around that is to pick up devices that offer more than one feature baked in.

Consolidation of features is what the JBL-branded Link Bar is aiming to do. It is a soundbar, which there are many out there to choose from. But this one has one particular feature that might make it standout: Android TV built in. You will be able to use this soundbar to listen to music without having the TV on, but it’s also meant to be the audio hub for the living room (or wherever you put it).

There is an HDMI port on the back, so when you connect it to your device it will handle audio for that as well. The hybrid soundbar will also boast Google Assistant for good measure, which means future owners will be able to use their voice to control TV controls and also find content to watch.

What’s more, that voice control will also extend to things like changing the input on the TV, so you can simply tell your TV to switch away from watching a movie and hop over to your video game console input.

There is no word on how much the JBL Link Bar soundbar with built-in Android TV will cost, but JBL did say it will go on sale sometime in the fall.

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Source: The Verge

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