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Nest Temperature Sensor now available


The Nest thermostat is a fantastic addition to your smart home, but it only measures the temperature of your home wherever it’s mounted. This is of course the case with every thermostat, but smart thermostat competitors like the Ecobee have wireless temperature sensors that can measure temperatures in the most important parts of your home for finer control.

Nest announced its own version of this concept, and it has been up for pre-order for a while now, but today it’s finally available to purchase both on the Nest store and the Google Store. It retails for $39 and connects to the Nest via Bluetooth. The app has been updated to support this new functionality as well.

Unfortunately, $39 is still a bit pricey for what’s just a wireless temperature sensor. Ecobee room sensors are no cheaper, but at least the Ecobee4 comes with one. Nonetheless it’s worth it for a warmer, smarter home. Hit the source link to pick yours up!

Via: Android Police
Source: Nest, Google Store

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