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OnePlus Bullets Wireless in-ear headphones now official for $69


A rumor popped up back in April that OnePlus was planning on launching its own wireless headphones, and now they are officially official.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless in-ear headphones have a single wire that connects each earbud, but they connect wirelessly to your phone, tablet, or other device. They will also offer a brand new Magnetic Control option which will let owners simply snap the Bullets Wireless headphones together to turn them off. Pull them apart to turn them on, and if you were listening to music when you turned them off, the headphones will automatically start playing it again.

The Bullets Wireless headphones also support built-in Google Assistant, and they are constructed from aluminum alloy which OnePlus says makes them even more comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

The battery offers 5 hours of listening with just 10 minutes of charging. Fully charging the Bullets Wireless headphones will get 8 hours of listening time. The wireless headphones are also water-resistant, so working out with them shouldn’t be an issue. They should be fine in the rain, too, but OnePlus suggests avoiding going for a swim.

The Bullets Wireless headphones will work with the OnePlus 6 as well as the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. They will retail for $69, and OnePlus says the first drop of inventory will arrive on June 5.

Do you plan on picking up a pair of Bullets Wireless headphones?

Source: OnePlus

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