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OnePlus may be dumping the Dash Charge name


OnePlus has its own proprietary quick charging method called Dash Charge, and despite our disdain for proprietary charging methods, it works surprisingly well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the name will stick around for much longer.

The company filed for a trademark on the name in the US and EU back in 2016, but it was rejected in the EU in March. Amazon and Bragi have both contested the trademark, causing it to be rejected.

While OnePlus can still legally use the name, it doesn’t make sense without the trademark. And the company has already started phasing out the name. The latest OxygenOS beta uses a “charging rapidly” prompt instead of “Dash charging” and much of its online literature has removed the Dash Charge name from feature descriptions and products.

We’re sure OnePlus will soon announce a new name for the same charging system people have come to love.

Via: XDA-Developers

Source: Android Police

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