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Popular podcast app Pocket Casts acquired by NPR


Podcasts are a booming property and there are plenty of different apps out there meant to help you listen to them. Pocket Casts from Shifty Jelly happens to be one of the most popular.

Now the developers have allowed for the app to be acquired by some of the biggest names in public radio. The Shifty Jelly team officially announced today that they have been acquired by a collective group that includes NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago, and last but certainly not least, This American Life. This group of entities has produced not only TAL, but also ridiculously popular podcasts like Serial and Radiolab, among others.

Pocket Casts will be run as a joint venture from this point on, with the original Shifty Jelly team being retained to keep working on Pocket Casts. There is no word just yet on how much the group will be forking over to get Pocket Casts under their roof.

As far as what might be changing, it sounds like nothing much at the moment. The goal right now is to keep Pocket Casts the same, with no major changes being planned to disrupt anything for customers. The app still costs $3.99 to buy, and there is no word that that will change any time soon.

Do you use Pocket Casts, or another podcasting app?

Source: Shifty Jelly Blog

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