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Sony is adding Google Assistant to some of its headphones


Google Assistant might have had humble beginnings, but the digital assistant has expanded to so many different devices these days that it is quickly becoming a ubiquitous resource. And it’s certainly no stranger to headphones, either.

Google has built the Assistant Pixel Buds and we’ve seen Assistant-equipped devices from Bose and Sony in the past. Now Sony is updating some of its older headphones with support for the digital assistant as well.

Android Police reported on Thursday that Sony is bringing Assistant support to the WH-1000XM2 and WI-1000X models. The WH-1000XM2 are over-ear headphones while the WI-1000X are wireless in-ear headphones. Both of the devices are now receiving software update version 2.0.0, which will officially add Google Assistant support to both accessories


With the new software and built-in Assistant support, it means that push-to-talk should launch faster, and now iOS device owners can use these headphones with Google Assistant as well. Finally, this update means headphone owners can also get their notifications read out loud to them.

You’ll have to change the ambient/noise cancellation button to activate Google Assistant, but that’s a quick step.

This is just the first part of Sony updating its existing headphones to support Assistant. The company has already confirmed it will be updating the WF-1000X, WH-CH900N, and h.ear on 2 WH-H900N at some point in the future as well.

How often do you use Google Assistant?

Source: Android Police

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