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Steam Link coming to Android and iOS


Steam Link is a service that allows you to stream PC games from your computer to a compatible device, like a Steam Link box or certain Samsung TVs. Today’s announcement brings the service to Android and iOS via the new Steam Link app.

Slated for release on the week of May 21, the app will allow you to stream Steam games to your phone or tablet. It’s limited to 5GHz WiFi or Ethernet connections, but it will be awesome streaming games to a tablet in bed! There is support for the Steam controller and other third-party controllers. The Android app will initially launch in beta.

Also announced is the Steam Video app, which will be launched later this summer. It will allow you to watch Steam’s library of movies and shows on your mobile device, with support for offline streaming and streaming on mobile networks.

Steam’s push for mobile support is great for PC gamers who want to enjoy games in a more casual way and may bring more casual gamers to the platform. We can’t wait for the launch!

Source: Steampowered

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