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The Red Hydrogen is being delayed to add more features


The Red Hydrogen has long been in development, and this isn’t the first delay it has experienced. But delays aren’t necessarily a bad thing, as the company claims that this latest delay is being used to add more features to the device.

Previously, the Hydrogen was going to launch with a single camera on the rear of the device. While it couldĀ support additional cameras, as the device is partially modular, Red wants the device to launch the dual cameras front and rear.

TheĀ  quad camera system will allow users to shoot in the 4-View format, which allows you to look around the video by moving your head around. This is aided by the holographic 3D display. There will also be a 4-View video chat app, which sounds like an interesting concept. Check out the founder Jim Jannard’s statement:

“For those who are nervous… let me see if I can offer some comfort.

We have no idea whatsoever what we are doing.

We have never built a phone. No one ever tried to integrate a 4-view display in anything before. When we started this project we didn’t know any cell carriers or anything about the cell phone industry. When we launch… the product won’t be complete. There will be more firmware/software updates than any other phone ever made. We are learning as we go. Truly, we have no business entering this market.

If that makes you uncomfortable… all I can say is this is exactly the same situation we were in when we announced the RED ONE. We had no idea what we were doing, no clue about the cinema industry, etc. “What does a sunglass guy know about high end cameras?”.

You have the right to be nervous. I am. Same as in 2006 when we started to build our 1st camera. But I saw the need to push forward with something better… as I do now. This is the single most exciting thing I have ever worked on. I get that my reputation is on the line. Perfect.

If you are nervous at all, as you have the right to be… sit it out and wait. No shame in that. If you want to jump on and enjoy the ride from the beginning… welcome aboard. I won’t forget who took the leap of faith.


The delay also serves to help the company launch the device on multiple carriers at the same time. Delays are usually received poorly by fans, but if it makes the product better at launch, it’s worth the time. Hopefully the Red Hydrogen lives up to the hype.


Source: Reduser

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