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The TicWatch Pro features Wear OS and a secondary transparent display


Saving battery life on our smartwatches is an important factor, especially as companies shove new features under the small hoods. Mobvoi, a company based out of China, has an idea on how to help with that.

The company has unveiled the TicWatch Pro, which is a standard Google Wear OS smartwatch more often than not, but also boasts a secondary transparent display. That is meant to help stretch out battery life for the wearable and reduce Wear OS features that can drain the battery at the same time.

The TicWatch Pro works like this: The standard OLED display is where you will interact with Wear OS features, including notifications and more. Above that display is a FSTN LCD panel which will be used to display information when the watch isn’t being directly interacted with. It’ll show things like your step count and the time. Once you tap on the display, the OLED screen will kick in and the transparent display will switch off, giving you full access to Wear OS features again.

If you use the watch this way, Mobvoi says the battery life should last two days.

But it can get extended quite a bit with what the company calls “Essential Mode”. With this, the TicWatch Pro will shut down Wear OS entirely, which means you’ll only be using the top display. The LCD screen will still be able to show you your step count and heart rate, and Mobvoi says other features will be added at a later date.


If you want to use any Wear OS features, including using NFC to make mobile payments, you will need to turn Essential Mode off and turn Wear OS back on, which takes up to a full minute to complete.

Mobvoi doesn’t have an exact price for the TicWatch Pro just yet, but it does say it will retail for below $300 when it launches this summer. The company may launch an LTE-equipped model at some point in the future, too.

What do you think of the TicWatch Pro?

Source: The Verge

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