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Twitter app will now show ‘Twemoji’ for universal emoji support


One of the areas where fragmentation might be a real issue is emoji support, because while Google is working on improving the overall emoji experience in Android, folks on older versions of the mobile operating system might not actually get to take advantage of that.

So Twitter, one of the biggest social networks on the planet, has decided to take matters into its own hands, as first reported this week by Emojipedia. According to the publication, Twitter has been testing what it calls “Twemoji” since March of this year, and apparently it has gone well enough that it has begun rolling out support for the custom emoji beginning today, May 21.

This new feature is available only in the Twitter app for Android, and it’s part of the app’s latest update. The idea is to give Twitter users a universal experience for emoji. Folks on differing versions of Android are seeing different versions of emoji, and the situation gets even worse if you start seeing emoji published on Twitter by iPhone users.


As you can see in the image just above, there are some emoji that just don’t show up at all, as indicated by the boxes. However, after installing the Twitter for Android app, those boxes are filled in with proper emoji. Not the same emoji you might see on the latest version of Android, mind you. But emoji and not empty boxes nonetheless.

If you’re a big fan of emoji and hate seeing those boxes, well, looks like Twitter has a fix. So there’s that. What do you think? Is this a problem that Twitter needed to fix?

Source: Emojipedia

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