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Twitter is axing its Android TV, Roku, and Xbox apps


Once upon a time, Twitter had a bold idea to take over TV screens, and in an effort to reach that goal, we got apps for platforms like Android TV and even Microsoft’s home video game console, the Xbox.

But it looks like Twitter is ready to give up on that dream. The company announced today that it is closing down its official apps for Android TV, Roku, and the Xbox. They will be going away on Thursday, May 24.

The company does add that if you want the “full Twitter experience”, then you should visit the company’s official website on your device or desktop.

Shutting down the apps for these devices might not be that big of a surprise. Android TV is still working on gaining any real ground in the consumer market, and the apps for Roku and Xbox probably weren’t getting as much attention from Twitter as they’d like for a public product these days.

Still, it’s a sad day for news if you do use these apps.

Source: @TwitterSupport

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