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UNREAL Mobile is a new MVNO with unlimited service starting at $15 a month


Sprint and T-Mobile have agreed to merge, which is one step of many before the two companies can become “the new T-Mobile” at some later date. But the two entities have the unenviable task of trying to prove that if they merge, there will still be competition in the wireless market, even as two of the largest networks consolidate into one.

As a result, at least one other carrier is jumping at the chance to launch an MVNO to help fill the growing gap. UNREAL Mobile is a brand new effort from FreedomPop. It will have prices starting at $15 per month and will offer unlimited services. It will use a 4G LTE network, too, so speeds on this MVNO should be decent.

In an official statement from FreedomPop’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Carrier Relations, Mauricio Sastre says there is no way Sprint “would have allowed us to offer UNREAL”, but with the carrier trying to work out a merger with T-Mobile “their hands are tied” as they try to prove to regulatory committees that there’s enough competition out there to permit the combination of T-Mobile and Sprint.

A lot of the details of UNREAL are still up in the air at the moment, but we do know the MVNO will offer VPN services, ad-blocking, and built-in encryption along with its unlimited services. UNREAL will also let subscribers use their phone number on any device, including their phone, tablet, or computer.

The MVNO is opening a limited number of beta registrations, and if you want to give this new wireless network option a shot, you can try to get into the beta through here.

Source: UNREAL Mobile

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