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Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition has a fake board under its transparent glass


The Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition was announced today with a transparent glass back, something that has been done before but not in such a good-looking manner. The HTC U12+ has a translucent back, but you can’t see much.

Why is the motherboard on the Mi 8 Explorer Edition so visible, so neat, and so pretty? Well because it’s fake. Not that it’s a decal or anything, but it’s a board that doesn’t actually function. The real parts are underneath, and they’re not so pretty.

This isn’t a dig at Xiaomi, as the real components are nowhere near as neat. They also have thermal compound, RF shields, and other less attractive features that wouldn’t look as nice. The average person would like Xiaomi’s implementation better. Now whether tech nerds would prefer the real thing to an imitation is a different story (hint: they probably would).

If you want a real transparent phone, it’s possible to turn a glass back phone transparent with a little bit of scraping. Well, a lot of scraping. Usually the color of the glass is just a coating inside. Of course, this does require disassembling your phone and ruining the water resistance (if applicable) but it’s definitely awesome to see the internals.

Source: Android Police

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