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YouTube Music gets a refreshed music player


Word on the street is that at some point, the YouTube team is going to launch their own music streaming service called YouTube Remix. Working towards that goal, we may be getting an early peek at what that might look like.

As first posted over on Reddit by user c2fifield and subsequently confirmed as a new feature by YouTube to The Verge, YouTube Music is getting a slight change to its music player screen. With the new screen, it looks like a far more traditional service and is easily comparable to other streaming services out there.


YouTube Music users can now quickly take a look at their music queue and make changes on the fly if they wish. As far as whether or not this is a feature that will remain for YouTube Remix, that is unknown. A YouTube spokesperson, confirming the change, said, “We’re always working to improve YouTube Music and ensure it’s the best possible experience for users. We’re glad users are enjoying the update to the player page.” So this may just be a change for YouTube Music and nothing more.

Google I/O kicks off next week and it’s possible we hear a lot more about YouTube Remix at that point, so stay tuned.

What do you think of the new player screen?

Via: The Verge

Source: Reddit

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