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Essential camera app updated with tweaks and improvements

Essential Phone 4

Essential is staying on top of supporting its device by releasing constant updates. Whether it’s monthly security updates, Android P betas, or just app updates, Essential works hard on improving the Essential Phone.

This time the camera app is being updated again. With the camera being a sore spot early on, it’s great to see constant fixes being pushed for the camera experience. Here’s the new changelog:

  • You can once again save, adjust, and share your 360 videos as Tiny Planets!
  • Thanks to the wonders of technology, your Burst mode shots now save as a single group.
  • Shoot lots of different kinds of content? New icons make it easy to find your Slow-Mo, 360, and regular videos, as well as Burst mode shots, at a glance in your Camera Roll.
  • What’s that thing you don’t see? It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s various stability fixes!

However, that may not be all. A lot of people are noticing that the app opens and shoots its first photo significantly faster than before. Camera apps opening slowly is a big problem for capturing moments so that’s another great fix.

If you own an Essential Phone, head to the Play Store and update the app!

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