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PUBG Mobile updated with first person mode, Royale Pass for more spending

PUBG Mobile is a great mobile battle royale game, and unlike Fortnite, is currently available on Android (though Fortnite is coming soon). A new update brings some goodies as well as a new way to spend real money, though it isn’t all that intrusive.

The new feature is called Royale Pass and it adds content for both paying and non-paying players. You can advance through the pass by ranking up, and some of the free ranks will give you things like in-game money, experience, and cosmetic items. If you want to earn more rewards, you can upgrade to one of the paid tiers. The first tier costs $10 and the second costs $35, and both will add a lot more rewards to every rank you get. And of course that fee is per season, so once the season ends you’ll have to buy it again. This system is pretty much identical to Fortnite’s Battle Pass, even in the way the menu is structured.

Thankfully, if you don’t want to pay you’re not penalized. This isn’t exactly pay to win. Also added is a first-person mode like the PC version. This can only be done in the menus, so once you’re in game you’re stuck in that view mode. There are also a lot of smaller changes, so here’s a full changelog of the 0.6.0 update.

  • 1st person perspective.
  • Royale Pass Season 1.
  • Mini-Zone: A smaller map, more resources & air drops!
  • Weapon & airplane finishes.
  • View weapons in the new Armory.
  • Pistols now get their own UI.
  • Melee weapons can destroy tires.
  • Individual teammates can be muted.
  • Post-match results screen.
  • Tier protection system.
  • Asian character models.
  • Emotes.
  • Able to link 2 social networks.
  • Added room cards.
  • New items in the shop.
  • Items can be gifted.

If you have the game installed, head to the Play Store and update the game! Be sure to use WiFi as the update is sizeable.

Via: Android Police
Source: Play Store: PUBG Mobile, YouTube

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