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AT&T introduces new WatchTV live TV service along with two new unlimited plans


AT&T’s merger with Time Warner has already created another streaming option, with the big blue carrier unveiling a new platform along with a pair of new unlimited plans for good measure.

On Thursday, AT&T officially announced its newest live TV service called WatchTV. The new service will offer access to premium channels like HBO and Showtime as well as access to over 30 additional channels, including Cartoon Network, TBC, CNN, and others. Additional channels, including Comedy Central, will be added to the mix at an unspecified later date.

AT&T says that this new WatchTV service will be available to watch on just about every mobile device and that it will also be available on “select” streaming set-top boxes in the future, too.

The new live TV service will automatically be bundled with AT&T’s two newest unlimited plans. The first of which is called “AT&T Unlimited &More”, which is priced at $70 per month for a single line with autopay and paperless billing. This option caps video streaming at 480p, though, and there is no mobile hotspot option at all. You do get a $15 monthly bill credit that you can apply to DirecTV Now service.

Meanwhile, the other plan is called “AT&T Unlimited &More Premium”, which has the same features as the other unlimited plan, but bumps up the video streaming cap to 1080p and offers 15GB of mobile hotspot data per month. It starts at $80 per month. That $15 monthly credit can be applied to DirecTV Now if you want, or you can choose to apply it to DirecTV or AT&T’s U-Verse. Customers will also be able to add one premium channel to their lineup for free, including HBO, Showtime, Amazon Music Unlimited, Pandora Premium, and other options. Customers can change this free option once a year.

Finally, AT&T plans to expand availability of WatchTV at a later date, with even non-AT&T customers getting the option to use it if they want. There is no word on when that might actually become available.

Do you think you’re going to sign up for one of AT&T’s newest unlimited plans?

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