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AT&T is raising the price of its grandfathered unlimited plan


Despite the fact that AT&T, like the other wireless carriers, has changed its plan options a variety of different times over the years, there are still some customers out there who have refused to give up their old, traditional unlimited plan.

AT&T has made it so that they can keep that plan, but with price increases here and there. That is what the big blue carrier is doing now, as was first reported on Thursday by MacRumors. AT&T is bumping up the monthly price of its old-school unlimited plan to $45 per month. That’s an increase of $5.

The new pricing will go into effect beginning in July.

According to AT&T, the decision is due in part to “record levels” of mobile data usage by customers:

Consumers are using mobile data at record levels and the trend is expected to continue. To help make sure we continue to provide the best service for all of our customers, a small price increase is being made at this time.

“Customers who have a grandfathered $40 data plan will receive notifications of a $5 per month rate increase for the data plan. The rate increase will take effect starting with the customer’s July, 2018 service.”

It has been a year since AT&T raised the price of its grandfathered unlimited plan. The carrier raised the monthly price by $5 then, too. But, just like last time, the carrier isn’t impeding on network speeds, at least not unless the subscriber surpasses 22GB of downloaded mobile data in a month’s time, in which case they may get throttled.

Are you still using a grandfathered unlimited plan with AT&T?

Source: MacRumors

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