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BlackBerry Key2 leaks, shows off new design


The BlackBerry KeyOne had a rough start when people were reporting that the display adhesive was failing. People were finding that their display would actually pop out of the device. But once this issue was fixed, the KeyOne was a solid device with BlackBerry’s famous secure software.

Now we’re seeing various leaks of the successor, the BlackBerry Key2. Gone is that silver trim up top, replaced with a more modern all silver design with a black rear. The massive rear camera is gone as well, with a slimmer dual camera setup in its place.

On the front we see a familiar design with a few minor changes. They keyboard seems to be a bit flatter and now features the BlackBerry key.

Though the changes are minor, they really make the device look more modern and premium. Hopefully this time around BlackBerry can avoid any major problems with the device, because physical keyboards are quite rare and we’d like this one to stick around.

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