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Google adds four new features to its data management app Datally


Last year, Google launched an app called Datally that’s meant to help Android users manage the data they use on their mobile devices.

Datally offered plenty of features to keep tabs on how much data you’re using and to help mitigate that if necessary. Now Google is adding four new major features that should help even more. That includes the ability to stop “data leak” from your device by way of unused apps, a new guest mode, and more.

First up, the new guest mode. With this feature, you can set a direct limit for when someone else is using your phone. So the next time you hand over your device to a family member or friend, you don’t have to be worried that they’ll eat up a lot of your data while they’re using it.

Next is the ability to set a specific limit to the data you consume every single day. If you get close to the daily limit that you set for yourself, you’ll get a notification from the app letting you know it’s probably time to slow down. There will be a choice to be made once you reach the limit: continue on unabated or lock your data down completely so you can’t use it any more and go over the limit you’ve set.

Unused apps can leak data, and Datally wants to put an end to that. This particular feature will show you the apps you aren’t using and the ones that are using up data anyway. You’ll be able to quickly manage and triage as needed, uninstalling with just one tap if needed.


Finally, there’s a new Wi-Fi map feature which will show you the locations of nearby Wi-Fi locations. The app will make it easy to connect, too, and once you’ve disconnected, you can even leave a rating on your experience while connected.

The new features are rolling out today, so if you have Datally on your phone already, make sure it’s updated to the latest version.

Via: Google Blog

Source: Datally (Play Store)

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