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Google launches a podcast app for Android


Podcasts are ridiculously popular, and Google is finally giving a serious effort in launching support for the medium.

The official Google Podcasts app is available now from the Play Store. With it, users will be able to sync their progress between devices as well as search and subscribe to their favorites. That syncing between devices feature should be super helpful, so if you start a podcast on your Google Home, you can continue from right where you left off on your phone if you need to leave the house.

Google Podcasts¬†supports more than 2 million podcasts out of the gate. The app will populate a list based on what’s popular, too, so if you just want to peruse what’s caught the attention of others, that should help with discovery.

There are fine controls that let users skip over silence and even select a faster speed while listening. One of the bigger additions is Google’s plan to let you read real-time transcriptions of the podcast in a language of your choice.

Interestingly enough, Google says it doesn’t have any plans to launch its official podcasts app for iOS.

Are you planning on giving Google Podcasts a try?

Via: The Verge
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