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Google speeds up offline file sharing in Files Go app


Last year, Google launched a new app called Files Go which was designed to help with file management and make offline sharing easier. The app has rolled out to everyone and Google has been adding features to make it more worthwhile ever since. Now Google is making offline sharing faster.

In a public blog post, Google outlined how it is improving the overall speed of Files Go, making the overall sharing of offline content up to four times faster.

First and foremost, there is a new “Share” tab which will put together a list of nearby sharing options. It works on devices as far back as Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is a nice bonus. Google says it has also implemented “improved connection techniques”, which means that connecting two Android phones takes just five seconds.

Files Go will now automatically select the fastest sharing method available between two devices. That includes the option for 5GHz Wi-Fi Direct, which can offer transfer speeds up to 490Mbps, four times faster than before. That means you can send up to 100 original quality photos in just five seconds.

Additionally, Files Go will let users verify they are connected to the person they want to share with, and now transfers are encrypted for additional security.

The new updates for Files Go are available now in the latest version of the app.

Via: Google Blog

Source: Files Go (Play Store)

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