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Lenovo filing hints at a Yoga Book Pro 2


Lenovo’s original Yoga Book was released nearly two years ago, but the company may be developing a successor. A Bluetooth SIG filing by Lenovo references a new pen for a device called the Yoga Book Pro 2. No such device is currently in existence, indicating that Lenovo is working on a new device in the Yoga Book family.


If you remember, the original Yoga Book was a hybrid device that blended multiple concepts into one. It was, at once, an Android tablet, a laptop of sorts, and a sophisticated Wacom tablet for drawing. Lenovo’s Create Pad allowed users to draw or write on a Wacom tablet, or on pen and paper, with the results digitized via a unique pen. The Create Pad also doubled as a keyboard, though with no key travel under the illuminated squares.

While some reviews were skeptical, we enjoyed the Yoga Book. Its form took some getting used to, but proved handy once you’d found your stride. For a wild concept, it was pleasantly well-executed.

Did you have a chance to check out the original Yoga Book? Would you be interested in a Yoga Book Pro 2?

Source: Liliputing

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