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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4 land at the FCC


Samsung just announced that it will be hosting an Unpacked event on August 9, where it is likely the company will announce the Galaxy Note 9, and this week both both the upcoming phablet and a new tablet have passed through the FCC.

The first of the bunch, model number SM-N960F, appears to be the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. Unfortunately the FCC filing doesn’t actually give us any real details on the handset, so there aren’t any important specs or features to share at this time.

One peculiar element here is the model number itself. As noted by Android Police, the “F” at the end of the model number is typically associated with Samsung devices launched in the European/international markets, typically equipped with an Exynos processor rather than a Qualcomm chipset. Samsung has used the “U” designator since the Galaxy S8 to identify models bound for the U.S., which need FCC approval before they can launch to the public.

At the time of publication, it’s unknown why this model in the FCC has that international designation.


The Galaxy Note 9 isn’t the only device going through the steps for approval. The upcoming Galaxy Tab S4 tablet also stopped by the FCC, revealing its SM-T835 model number. This is an LTE-equipped model which will likely see the light of day on Verizon. The FCC did reveal the back of the tablet, at least in a spec drawing fashion.

Both devices making their way through the FCC at the same time does suggest we could see both get officially unveiled at the same time, so perhaps we’ll see a new phablet and tablet announced this August.

Via: Android Police
Sources: Galaxy Note 9 (FCC), Galaxy Tab S4 (FCC)

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