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V-MODA announces Crossfade 2 Codex Edition Bluetooth headphones


V-MODA makes some interesting headphones. They’re a mix of fashion and pure function. The sound signature is bassy and powerful, the design is appealing, and they aren’t cheap. Yet they still sound amazing for the price and they’re built to be extremely tough.

The previous Crossfade 2 headphones only supported the SBC codec over Bluetooth. If you wanted aptX, you’d have to buy the $20 more expensive Rose Gold model. Price aside, not everyone wanted rose gold headphones.

V-MODA has fixed this issue with the new Crossfade 2 Codex Edition. Now all colors support both SBC and aptX, along with the addition of the AAC codec for Apple users.

Otherwise, the headphones have stayed the same. They feature a 14-hour battery life, a super durable metal design with a flexible steel headband, folding metal hinges (with a very satisfying click), and a 3.5mm port so you can use them wired (which has the benefit of running them through a nice DAC and eliminating latency).

The Crossfade 2 Codex Edition go for $350, unchanged from last year’s model, but those who own the older pair can upgrade for a limited time with the Da Vinci Codex Upgrade Program. If you own the Crossfade 2, you can upgrade for $100 and if you own the original Crossfade Wireless, you can upgrade for $150.

V-MODA also announced that you can now get them customized in Microsoft and Best Buy Magnolia stores. Customization has been a big part of V-MODA’s appeal, so it’s awesome that you can get 3D-printed fiber shields and laser engraving done in store.

Pick them up on V-MODA’s site, Best Buy (where the rose gold is exclusively sold), and other retailers now!

Source: The Verge

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