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Verizon introduces a third unlimited option, Above Unlimited


Back in August of last year, Verizon made a significant change to its unlimited plan offering, launching the Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited options.

Now here we are in June of 2018 and the big red carrier has officially introduced a third plan that it calls “Above Unlimited”, which will be available beginning June 18. It starts at $95 per month for the first line $90 each for two lines, $70 each for three lines, and $60 each for four or more lines. With this plan you get all of the perks of the Beyond Unlimited plan, but also some benefits as Verizon tries to make the $10 price difference worthwhile.

With Above Unlimited, you get 75GB of “premium unlimited 4G LTE data”, which means your data speeds won’t be throttled unless you’ve used 75GB or more for that monthly billing period and the network is congested. That’s a big uptick when compared to Beyond Unlimited’s 22GB threshold.


You’ll also get unlimited mobile hotspot data, with 20GB of that in a month clocking in at 4G LTE. Video streams will cap out at 720p, the same as the Beyond Unlimited option. The Above Unlimited offering also includes 5 TravelPasses each month, which can be used in 130 different countries. Finally, Verizon is also throwing in 500GB of cloud storage.

So, there’s the new plan. But there’s one more thing. Verizon is going to allow its subscribers to mix and match their unlimited plan options on their family plans. So if you have someone who doesn’t use a lot of data per month, you can assign the Go Unlimited option to their number. And if someone is a data hog every month, the Above Unlimited plan can be attached to their line.

What do you think of Above Unlimited? Will you switch to it when it goes live on June 18?

Source: Verizon Wireless

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