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AT&T expands 5G to new cities, increases LTE-AAA coverage


Remember when 4G LTE was the hot technology on the market? Those days are long gone and 5G is now the rage. The four major U.S. carriers are currently in a full-out war to see who can build out their 5G network first, regardless of the fact that 5G-compatible devices are still unavailable.

AT&T is charging ahead with its own 5G plans, and has added three new cities to the slate for receiving mobile 5G coverage in 2018. Those in Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, and Oklahoma City, OK, will be among the first to experience 5G coverage when devices become available. These cities come in addition to Dallas, TX, Waco, TX, and Atlanta, GA, where AT&T is already beginning its rollout of 5G coverage.

Additionally, AT&T is expanding its LTE-AAA coverage in eight cities. These include the following:

  • Austin, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Little Rock, AR
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Jose, CA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Tuscaloosa, AL

LTE-AAA is an advanced form of LTE technology that allows theoretical speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. While users will likely never see speeds that high, LTE-AAA does provide a connection that is significantly faster than traditional LTE. Additionally, LTE-AAA is already supported by several flagship devices, including the Galaxy S9, LG V30, and more.

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Show Press Release

Charlotte, Raleigh, and Oklahoma City Next To Be Named to Get Mobile 5G Network This Year, Joining Dallas, Atlanta and Waco

AT&T Also Announces Additional Network Updates

AT&T* plans to begin introducing mobile 5G to customers in a dozen cities this year, and today we’re adding Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C. and Oklahoma City as the next three identified cities for our buildout. These cities will join our previously announced cities of Dallas, Atlanta, and Waco.

We’re deliberately launching with a mix of big and mid-sized cities. One competitor recently boasted “New York matters more than Waco” when discussing their future plans. We politely disagree – all Americans should have access to next-gen connectivity to avoid a new digital divide.

“No company in the world is better at building networks than AT&T. It’s why we’re building America’s first mobile 5G network as well as FirstNet, the country’s nationwide public safety broadband platform dedicated to first responders,” said Melissa Arnoldi, president, AT&T Technology & Operations. “We’re on track to launch the first mobile 5G services and deliver the first device to customers this year. 5G will be more than just a better network. Especially after our trial learnings with large enterprises, small-and-medium sized businesses and residential locations the past two years, we believe 5G will ultimately create a world of new economic opportunity, greater mobility, and smarter connectivity for individuals, businesses and society as a whole.”

“In a global, interconnected economy, access to the most advanced technology is vital for creating jobs and driving economic growth that benefits everyone in a community,” said Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles. “Access to 5G technology can make a genuine difference in the lives of families and help assure that Charlotte continues to be such a great place to live, work and play.”

“I’m thrilled that mobile 5G technology will soon be coming to Raleigh, one of the country’s centers for innovation and research,” said Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane. “This new technology will play a vital role as we continue to pursue smart growth that brings new jobs and preserves our quality of life.”

“Our residents and our businesses always desire further private sector investment in technology infrastructure, and being a city on the cutting edge is something we can and do pitch to job creators,” said Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt. “This 5G deployment in OKC will help our residents and businesses take advantage of future technologies and opportunities.”

Additional Network Updates

Our foundational 5G Evolution technology is now live in more than 140 markets, reaching at least 400+ markets this year. 5G Evolution markets are locations where we’ve deployed the latest technologies that enable peak theoretical wireless speeds of at least 400 megabits per second1 on capable devices.

Also, LTE-LAA launched for AT&T in parts of 8 new markets today – Austin, Dallas, Houston, Little Rock, San Antonio, San Jose, Tampa, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, bringing us to a total of 15 markets. We previously launched LTE-LAA in parts of Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, McAllen, San Francisco, and Sacramento. With LTE-LAA, the network has peak theoretical wireless speeds reaching up to 1 gigabit per second2 on capable devices.

We stood with the global wireless industry when 3GPP agreed on the first set of 5G standards a few weeks ago. We’ve been conducting 5G trials in South Bend, Indiana; Waco, Texas; Austin, Texas; and Kalamazoo, Michigan. And recently, we’ve been sharing our view on 5G’s promise for both consumers and businesses.

We’re ready to be the first U.S. provider to finally bring this technology to life for people. Mobile 5G will give consumers and businesses a jumpstart into the future.

More information about our vision for 5G and the future technologies it will enable will be shared at AT&T Spark, an invite-only event exploring the future of network technology, on September 10 at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater in San Francisco.

Source: AT&T

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