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Ecobee introduces Peak Relief pilot program to save money during peak price hours

Ecobee4 Amazon Alexa thermostat

If you own an Ecobee thermostat, you may be eligible to join a new program Ecobee calls “Peak Relief.” This pilot program aims to save you up to 10 percent on your heating bill (on top of the savings you’re already used to thanks to a smart thermostat) by avoiding turning the heat or A/C up during peak hours.

This program is only available in certain areas in California, Ontario, and Arizona and only works if you have electric heating. Once you’re enrolled, the thermostat will either heat or cool right before peak hours to keep you comfortable without wasting money during peak hours.

It’s definitely an awesome idea made even better by the option of selecting “basic savings” or “super savings” if you’re up for giving up a bit of comfort for saving money and easing the stress on the power grid. If your electricity provider charges based on time of day and you reside in the aforementioned locations, hit this link to be notified when the pilot program is available to you!

Source: Ecobee

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