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Essential Phone gets Android P beta 2 update

Essential Phone

Essential remains on top of the update game. The same day that Google released the latest Android P beta, Essential is pushing its own version out to the Essential Phone.

The update, labeled as Android P Beta 2 (Google is on Beta 3 but it’s just a difference in name rather than version), includes all of the new code that Google has integrated. This should be close to the final version of Android P and includes a tweaked gesture setup that is greatly improved in usability. The swipe up gesture is finally less sensitive for us Essential Phone users.

Also included are the July 2018 security patches and Android Auto stability fixes, which are well needed since the Essential Phone tends to act iffy with Android Auto.

If you’re on a previous Android P Beta, head to Settings > System > Advanced > System update to get the latest version! If you’re still on Oreo, you’ll need to flash your phone using files from the Essential’s developer site. Enjoy the latest version of Android P!

Source: Reddit

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