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Google Assistant adds a visual snapshot of your day and gets more proactive


Google Assistant has become one of the leading digital assistants out there, but there’s always room for improvement. Which is where Google’s announcement today comes in.

Google has unveiled a more proactive Assistant while also throwing in a new visual snapshot of what you should expect in your day ahead. The new visual approach is within the Google Assistant app, and right when you open it up you’ll see personalized info based on your location, the time of day, and your more recent interactions with Assistant.

When you open the app now, you will see travel times which will be based on your appointments, location, and traffic — all standard elements that Assistant users have come to expect. Scrolling down through the app will bring up more content, including movie or restaurant reservations, packages in transit, upcoming bills, reminders, agenda items, and more.

And if you want to let Assistant get even more proactive, you can switch on notifications. Doing so will let the feature give you a heads up for things like packages, flight delays, and more.

Google will continue to add content to this new snapshot, too, including tips for upcoming activities you might enjoy, lists from Google Keep, recommendations based on your listening history for podcasts and music, and an overview of your notes.

Google says this latest update for Assistant is rolling out this week for Android and iOS users, so keep an eye out, as it should be available to you soon.

What do you think of these changes?

Source: Google Blog

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