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Google Clock now supports Spotify for alarms


If you use the Google Clock app for your alarm and have grown tired of the standard options to help you wake up or remember to do something, then you may be in for a treat with the app’s newest addition.

Google has announced the Clock app now supports Spotify. You will need to make sure that the latest versions of both the Clock app and Spotify are installed on your device. Once you have that taken care of, just open the Clock app and you will be able to choose from Spotify’s own curated morning playlists, search for a specific soundtrack, or play your own recently played music.


Now when your alarm goes off you can hear the music you chose from Spotify instead of the built-in sounds. And once you turn off the alarm, you’ll have the option to continue to listen to Spotify. This new feature for the Clock app is available for both the free Spotify users and the folks who subscribe to Spotify Premium.

The feature starts rolling out globally this week. It’s supported on Android 5.0 and newer devices.

Is this a feature you’re going to use?

Source: Google Blog

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