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Google makes improvements to Morse code in Gboard, launches support for iOS


Back in May, Google showcased a new feature for Gboard that allows users to type in Morse code.

When Google showed off the Morse code support in Gboard, it also introduced Tania Finlayson, the assistant tech developer who helped Google launch Morse code support in Gboard. Now Finlayson has penned a blog post on the official Google blog to talk about the new feature within Gboard, and how the ability to speak with Morse code has changed her life.

The announcement today is brief, with Google confirming that it is rolling out Morse code support in Gboard for iOS users. The company also announces that it is adding “improvements” to Morse code with Gboard for Android, but it doesn’t actually articulate what exactly is being added to improve the experience.

Morse code in Gboard will still fill the keyboard area when it is activated, bringing up a pair of buttons: one for dash, and one for dot. As you tap each of the buttons, there will be suggestions that appear on the top of the keyboard, just as you’d find if you were using the standard QWERTY keyboard.

If you want to learn how to use Morse code, Google even created a game to help with that, which can be played on mobile or on desktop. Just click this link to play.

Have you tried out the Morse code feature in Gboard for Android?

Source: Google Blog

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