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Google’s Fuchsia OS may replace Android within the next five years


Google is an ambitious company to say the least, and the individual teams that work on what’s coming down the pipe are just as focused on building new and exciting products. It sounds like the oft-rumored Project Fuchsia OS is one of those projects.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the Fuchsia OS team consists of 100 engineers, and their goal is to create not just another OS option for customers but a single, unifying OS for all devices that Google has out there. That means it would effectively bridge any gaps between Android and Chrome OS, and Fuchsia OS would be running all of Google’s smart home products, too.

The report indicates that the Fuchsia OS team is planning on launching a smart home connected device with the operating system on board sometime in the next three years. And then, within five years, the team wants Fuchsia OS ready to go for laptops and smartphones, working as an effective successor to Android and Chrome OS.

Fuchsia OS is expected to give Google a bit more control over its consumer-friendly software as far as security updates and general OS updates are concerned.

All that being said, Fuchsia OS is still very much a work in progress, and it has yet to be signed off as the next major step for Google by either the CEO Sundar Pichai or Android and Chrome chief Hiroshi Lockheimer. So while the Fuchsia OS team’s goals are lofty, there is still quite a ways to go before it gets the green light for consumer-ready products.

Source: Bloomberg

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