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HTC is laying off 1,500 employees from its Taiwan division


HTC has been trying for years to right the ship, but its quarterly profits have continued on a steady decline despite its best efforts.

The smartphone manufacturer got a surge in its bank account recently when it closed a major deal with Google, which saw HTC hand over almost 2,000 employees from its design team to Google. But that $1.1 billion deal was a temporary boost, so HTC still has to find ways to capture some profitability moving forward.

In an effort to do that, Engadget reports that HTC is laying off 1,500 employees from its Taiwan division. The company also plans on reorganizing itself again in an effort to take advantage of “efficiency savings”. As for the layoffs, HTC has promised it will be working with the Bureau of Labor to help those affected by the decision.

Samson Ellis of Bloomberg Taipei took to Twitter to add some context, saying that HTC’s decision to let go of 1,500 employees is a reduction of 22% of its total workforce. That’s a pretty significant departure.

There’s no telling whether or not this move will actually have the impact HTC is looking for. Despite the fact the handset manufacturer has launched several positively-reviewed handsets over the years, it seems like nothing has really worked for it to this point.

What do you think HTC needs to do to right the ship and get back to sustained profitability?

Source: Engadget

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