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HTC sales fall 68 percent year over year


HTC isn’t doing so well. Despite continuing to make smartphones for both the flagship and budget segments, sales continue to drop. In fact, the companies monthly sales have fallen 68% since June of last year. The company made T$2.2 billion ($72 million USD) in June, compared to T$2.45 billion in May.

Much of the problem is that the company isn’t putting out compelling products. With competition so fierce, making a good smartphone isn’t enough anymore. A smartphone has to compel you to buy, whether it’s with name, special features, or extraordinary specs. The competition is making interesting, unique, and innovative phones while HTC has stagnated a bit.

In the midst of falling sales, the company announced a 1,500 employee layoff. Hopefully something changes within the company soon, or we might see the death of much needed competition and a beloved company of old.

Source: Reuters

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