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Latest Honor 10 update brings AIS for better camera performance, GPU Turbo mode


The Honor 10 is a great budget device with a camera that punches way above its class, but without OIS the image quality suffered in low light. Even with EIS, the device had to add a lot of noise to compensate for movement.

The latest update that was recently released includes a new “AIS” feature, or AI Image Stabilization. This feature has significantly boosted the quality of images in lower light by taking multiple photos and stitching them together, much like Google’s HDR+. Very dark environments will still cause a lot of noise, but semi-dark environments create some amazing photos. Here’s an example:


Also added is the new GPU Turbo feature, which creates a better gaming experience by optimizing the software for games. It can create up to 60% better graphics processing efficiency while using 30% less power. Honor advertises a 13% boost in framerate in PUBG. For a mid-range phone, this is pretty cool.

If you own an Honor 10, EMUI has likely prompted you to download the update by now. But it’s great to see low light photography get such a big boost in performance since the release of the device.

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