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Pandora teams up with Snapchat to make it easy to share music


If you use Pandora, whether it be on the ad-based or ad-free model, the music streaming platform is bringing a new way to share the music you listen to on Android.

The feature actually launched for iOS users not too long ago, and now it is finally rolling over to Android this week. With it, Snapchat users can easily share music they are listening to while using Pandora simply by tapping the dedicated “Share on Snapchat” option. You’ll find it in the Share option that’s present when you’re listening to a song.

Here’s how it works, as part of the official announcement:

  • When you’re listening to a song on the Pandora app you want to share, tap “Share” on the “Now Playing” screen.
  • Select “Share on Snapchat”– each song will have a unique song card that celebrates the album artwork.
  • Add the song card to your Story, share directly with a friend, or pass it along to a group of friends.
  • Friends who view your Snap can swipe up and listen to the song on-demand on Pandora thanks to Pandora’s Premium Access feature.

This makes it easy to share, and it also means that you don’t actually have to connect your Snapchat account with a Pandora account. It’s worth noting here that the feature works as part of the ad-based and Pandora Plus subscribers. However, Pandora says that it will have more to announce regarding sharing songs to Snapchat for Pandora Premium subscribers “in the coming weeks”.

Source: Pandora

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