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Samsung and LG both rumored to release new smartwatches this year

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

This may be the year that smartwatches make a return. The category has largely been ignored by mainstream manufacturers due to the lack of success in this segment. Apple still controls 60 percent of the market as of Q1 2018, and it even seems like Google has not focused much on the now renamed Wear OS.

However, we may see smartwatches this year from both Samsung and LG. Samsung’s next smartwatch is likely going to depart from the Gear branding, potentially using “Galaxy Watch” as the name, as the company registered the name to the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

The device may also drop Tizen in favor of Wear OS, which will be a first since the launch of Android Wear four years ago. We really hope to see a big name like Samsung give Wear OS a big push in the mainstream market.

LG is also expected to unveil two new smartwatches. They will likely be running Wear OS and may launch this month.

We hope that this push will be a big one for the smartwatch market, because Wear OS needs all the help it can get.

Source: yonhapnews.co.kr

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