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Samsung may launch foldable screen smartphone next year


Samsung may launch a foldable screen smartphone as early as next year, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The device is rumored to feature a 7-inch screen that “can be folded in half, like a wallet.” When folded, the device would have a small display bar on the front and cameras in the back.

The foldable screen smartphone is codenamed, “Winner,” and could launch in early 2019. Such a device would place Samsung in a place of prominence, as it would become the first manufacturer to introduce a foldable screen, which has been hotly anticipated for years.

Samsung’s foldable screen smartphone would launch a new flagship line, alongside the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. The intent is to create a splashy smartphone that will catch the interest of customers who have become disinterested with the increasingly homogenous smartphone market.

Samsung would initially be targeting the foldable smartphone at niche segments, such as mobile gamers. Part of the reason for this is the steep price required to create a foldable screen smartphone. WSJ reports that the device would likely cost at least $1500, with the possibility of an even higher price. While the novelty is interesting, the current price point is too high for the mass market. As Samsung develops the tech, the hope is that the price will decrease to a point acceptable for mainstream customers.

Though the device could easily be delayed, it’s said that the project is now a top priority at Samsung. The company has seen lower-than-expected demand for the Galaxy S9, and is hoping that a foldable screen smartphone will recapture customers’ waning interest.

What are your thoughts on a foldable screen smartphone? Is this a good innovation for smartphone manufacturers to pursue?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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