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Samsung partners with theScore to bring sports scores to Bixby


Samsung’s  Bixby virtual assistant isn’t exactly well loved in the tech community. It doesn’t help that Samsung added another button to their phones that could be used for anything but ends up being locked to the assistant we don’t want to use.

Nonetheless, the company is working hard to improve Bixby, and the latest step is a partnership with theScore. This partnership will being sports scores for World Cup soccer, NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball and EPL Soccer to Bixby in the United States.

If you’re a fan of theScore and use their app, Bixby could be an easier way to check scores for your favorite teams. However, we wonder if the added convenience of sports scores will convert many people to Samsung’s virtual assistant. It might work very well for sports fans. If you have a supported Samsung device, give it a shot!

Source: theScore

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