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Samsung teases long battery life for the Galaxy Note 9


July has been a busy month for the Galaxy Note 9 and it hasn’t even been announced yet. We saw the first leaked render at the beginning of the month, and most recently, it leaked out in three colors.

So now we’ve got Samsung teasing the upcoming device on its own terms. The company recently uploaded a quick teaser video which is meant to promote the Note 9′s battery life. In the video we see a person that’s planning on meeting up with friends but their phone’s battery is about to die.

The phone owner turns all the features off, including GPS, quits apps, and dims the screen, trying to eke out some extra time with their device. None of that works, though, and as the battery starts to dwindle they try to plug it into a battery pack but that isn’t charged, either. The teaser ends with the battery life depleting completely.

Samsung’s description of the teaser reads, “On August 9th 2018, power will no longer be a problem”. So, turns out Samsung is ready to promote a big battery again. Hopefully that works out better for the company this time around.

What do you think of the teaser?

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