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Samsung’s rumored Gear S4 will be called the Galaxy Watch and run Wear OS

Samsung Gear S3 official

There has been a bit of a back-and-forth when it comes to Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch, a successor to the Gear S3.

Back in May it was rumored that Samsung was planning on launching a new smartwatch that would drop Tizen, the company’s typical go-to option for its smartwatches, and opt to adopt Google’s Wear OS. And then in June, a follow-up report suggested that Samsung wasn’t actually working on a new smartwatch with Wear OS on board after all.

Here we are firmly planted in July and now we’re hearing that Samsung is indeed working on a new smartwatch that is running Wear OS, and that while it’s a successor to the Gear S3, it won’t actually be called the Gear S4. According to information provided by Ice Universe on Twitter, the new smartwatch will actually be called the Galaxy Watch.

The tweet also suggests the new smartwatch will feature a “new UX interaction”, support blood pressure measurement, and have a “PLP package” that allows for smaller components under the hood. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch battery is said to measure in at 470mAh.

That’s about all the information there is right now for the upcoming Galaxy Watch. There’s no word on when the device might get unveiled, but with more information finding its way online, it might be soon-ish. We know Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9, at least.

Source: @universeice

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