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Spotify Lite cuts features to shrink download size


There are a lot of “lite” versions of apps these days, all aiming to reduce the download size of popular apps. In most cases, there’s a drastic drop in sizes, but many features can get the axe as developers trim things down. That is the case with Spotify Lite, which just recently launched in the Play Store for Android users.

The newer version of Spotify is meant to be fast and light, with a drastic reduction of data usage. To reach that goal, however, several different features were placed on the chopping block. That includes the ability to download songs for offline listening.

Another feature that got the cut is searching for and listening to individual songs. You can search for an album or artist, but if you do, it’ll just shuffle. Spotify Lite doesn’t support gapless playback and doesn’t offer extreme quality for better listening quality, either. There isn’t any support for Spotify Connect, so you can’t send music from your phone to other supported devices.

Spotify Lite will let you search for genres or moods, and you can mark music as a favorite. If you want to keep track of your data usage, the Spotify Lite app will also let you set a limit for your monthly usage.

You’ll need an Android 4.1 or higher device to get Spotify Lite to work, and Spotify says tests are still being run.

Are you thinking about trying out Spotify Lite, or are there too many features you’d be giving up?

Source: Spotify Lite (Play Store)

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