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T-Mobile’s new international data pass launches August 1 for $5

T-Mobile Uncarrier

If you do a lot of international travel, T-Mobile is announcing a new plan option to give you some access to 4G LTE data while you’re abroad.

T-Mobile is calling it the international data pass, and it will cost just $5. When you fork over the cash, the Un-carrier will give you access to 512MB of up to 4G LTE data and unlimited calls for 24 hours. T-Mobile customers can buy a total of two international passes over the course of 24 hours. The international pass covers the countries that are included in the Simple Global list, which T-Mobile is bumping up to over 200 locations beginning July 22.

While you’re traveling with the Simple Global plan, which is included with T-Mobile One plans, you get unlimited texting and unlimited 2G data. So the international pass will give you considerably faster data, but in a very limited amount.

T-MobileĀ also says that international calling is just $0.25 per minute, which is actually a price hike. Before now, that same calling rate was just $.20 per minute, so be aware of that. Those rates include calls made from and to Simple Global countries, and also includes calling from a Simple Global country to the United States.

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