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Video shows redesigned Google apps with a new Material Design


Material Design is Google’s effort to keep a familiar approach to apps on the Android platform, but no one expects to stay the same forever.

A new video showcases what some Google apps would look like if they were running a new, updated version of Material Design. It was put together by Adam Grabowski and Nicolo Bianchino, both of which have worked with Google directly in the past but aren’t technically Google employees. So keep that in mind as you watch the video. This isn’t a guarantee by any means that this is what Google apps may look like in the future.

The description of the video does read the pair “worked together with the Google Material Design team to create a piece showcasing their updated design system for their internal teams”, so it is possible that these designs will be released to the public.


In the video — the original was pulled, but a copy has been uploaded to YouTube — you can see updates for popular apps like Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail, among others. There is a lot more white backgrounds in these apps and an even flatter look for icons. The Gmail app sees a lot of the biggest changes, dropping the big red bar at the top of the screen and accents and even moving most of the options like search to the bottom of the screen.

Here is the video in question:

What do you think of this new design?

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